Welcome to Cat Home Sanctuary Zanzibar

Cat Home Sanctuary Zanzibar is the first Sanctuary to specialize on rehoming  needy stray and feral cats. 

The sanctuary located at Mwanakwerekwe Zanzibar is suitable area for our few resident cats. 

The sanctuary for cats only , we neuter stray cats and feral on trap-neuter-return project to ensure the cat that we control the population , currently there are 20 cats which are more needy as have special care, two caretakers stay closer to Sanctuary and one lives in the location to ensure their needs met..

Years ago cats were regarded as companionship while staying mostly at home. not anymore, you will see many stray cats suffering in every corner of the city and village 

When you donate for  Zanzibar Home Cat Sanctuary, you’re making a difference for cats, people and the world. Now, you can turn your affection for cats into long lasting change with far reaching impact. Contribute for their wellbeing.




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