. What we do

As the first  home sanctuary for cats in Zanzibar our vision is to lead in ending of cat deaths, to manage animal population and reduce homelessness.

 At Bambi sanctuary Centre we uphold the main values held by the charity:

·         Cats and their welfare are at the centre of work.

·         We treasure and regard our volunteers, supporters and staff

·         We are dedicated to offer good quality service

·        To  cats:

1.     We  significantly increase awareness of Cats Protection and our work.

2.     As the home sanctuary on cats we  help neighborhood better understand their needs in order to improve the welfare of all cats.

3.     We help to reduce overpopulation of cats:

·         through targeted neutering campaigns and education.

·         by directing more resources to the promotion of early neutering.

4.     We are doing more research and gathering better data on the impact of our neutering work.

We  home more cats until our work on information, education and neutering reduces the long-term need for homing.

We need your support from $1 to manage homeless cats. 

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